Thursday, May 14, 2009

May 13th, 2009

This day i am totally din sleep at all, u know why??
cos my sister start her form six life d..
so for encourage her to study and gain her form back...
then i decided to make a sandwiches to her as breakfast loh..

Beside that, i am a very very special person..
and i like to make something new and special sandwiches cos i think if the ordinary sandwich whoever also can make it rite??
so i am surf the interenet...
finally i come out and idea!!!
which is sushi!!!!
how about i use the bread to cover up all the ingredient like the sushi does??
ideal is just comin up from my mind...

the picture above is show the ingredient of my special sandwiches..
inside have some sausage nugget and some potato chip which are already been fried and cooked
then set it up and put some sauce later...
but i dun take the pic cos my hand is very oily...

then the most sakit kepala matter come out
how to cover it???
like a roll??
very very headache...
and i try over and over again also failed..
finally i got a better idea!!!


After a few hours finally it is success d!!!!

Although it look like a bit "hangus" already...
but in fact it is not!!!
but very very crispy!!!
guess what else i put in leh..
if u can try spot what ingredient that i use...



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