Friday, December 12, 2008

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Define normal using approximately ten words.
* As nothing special,simple like that....

Would you frame someone else if your friend committed murder?
* if my fren really did it i will arrest him by myself!

When is killing justified?
* depend on the judge

What do you like most about yourself?
* my strong analysis ability

What was or is your favorite subject in school?
* PA and MUET!!!

What do you want to do for a career?
* Police or businessman

Is older always wiser?
* depend... not everyone words can be observe

Do you get along with your family?
* most of the time... i love my family!!!

When you discover that you are angry, what do you do to calm yourself?
* if i really angry, i think nothing would able to stop me unless i beat that guy who mess with me..

When you are sad, what do you do to make yourself feel better?
* SAD??? hehe..just lieten some heart beat song!!!haha...

Do you need a significant other in your life?
* everyone also need a sign to make their life better...

Have you ever truly loved?
* Yeap... but...

Is it okay for you to show weakness?
* nope...i hate to show my weakness...

Is revenge always the answer when you are wronged?
* hehe...sure...if i dun get my revenge mean i am not the man!!!

Is everyone like an open book to you?
* i think so

Do you keep your mouth shut in public for fear of sounding stupid?
* hehe...err...this Malaysia law din state that i talking or crapping in public will been jail hor???

Does your IQ mean much?
* my iq is quite high gah..i even got certificate to prove it...haha...

I grant you three wishes.
* wanna be a police, become the next crime buster and make the world peace!!!
* wanna have a pretty, understanding, caring, kind and well-cooked wife...haha..
* can spend rest of my life with my lover or the woman that i love...haha...

This or That

Passiveness or aggression?
* i admit that i am a aggression people...

Clinginess or detachment?
* detachment

Flattery or honesty?
* i prefer to honest...

Passion or reason?

Liberal or conservative?
* Depend, but i think i am the conservative person...

To listen or to talk?
* if talk din come first...then what the ears function???

To discriminate or to be hurt?
* depend...i think i will choose discriminate!!!

Friends or lovers?
* friends come first...every lover also start from friend...agree???

Money or fame?
* i think fame is more important to me...

Power or freedom?
* i want power to conquer!!! haha...

Pain or numbness?
* i will choose numness...

Night or day?
* NIGHT , cos the ghost dun like day...haha...

Marilyn Manson or Justin Timberlake?
* can i dun want choose anyone of them??? i think justin is better...

Pink or Evanescence?
* i like Evanescence!!!!

Nine Inch Nails or Blink 182?
* err....they know me...i dunno can i dun choose???

Bowling for Soup or Tool?
* err...what is that???

Kittie or Britney Spears?
* BRITNEY !!! her old song not bad leh...

Ani or Madonna?
* Madonna gua...she still can shake her body but dunno her back pain or not when reach her home...haha...

Malice Mizer or F4?
*err...i am not interest on both of them...

Escargot or no?
* if i say no...

Johnny Depp or Orlando Bloom?
*i think johny depp...haha...

United States or Canada?
* i love canada!!!

Felines or canines?
* huh???

Charlie’s Angels or Kill Bill?
* err...this movie are sucks!!! it is totally fake and use stuntman a lot!!!

Chicago or The Hours?
* Chicago..miss that song and the dance...haha...

The Lords of the Rings or The Matrices?
* THE LORD OFTHE RINGS , King Aragon!!!

Summer or winter?
* i prefer winter cos it is just like my hear cold enough...haha...

Finding Nemo or Scary Movie 3?
* scary movie 3 gua...

Newsweek or Playboy?
* huh??? got sport megazine ah???

Renee Zellweger or Angelina Jolie?
* huh??? renne lah..she is quite pretty and elegance...

Buy CD or burn CD?
* i prefer to burn and sell it and let other people but it...haha

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