Thursday, December 11, 2008

I been tagged by xinlei

Name: Leong Chang Kong
Nickname: Money Kong, CK, Leo, Leonardo...
Marital status: Single
Zodiac Sign: Water bottle
Gender: Male
Age: 5 X 4=???
High School: SMK pond road
University: University Enjoy
Do you like yourself: Sure I like myself loh... Or not u are talking with the spirit of mine...haha oh..haha...
Piercings: i dun need it
Right or left: if i said both also can...ok???
Are you a freak: ok ok loh...
Hair: black and white and red and bronze...haha...
Allergic: chinese medicine...
What are you doing now: blogging , chatting with friend , tagging, watching movie
What will you do 1 hour later: watch wwe, watching tvb drama and many many more
What will you do 10 years later: if can i think i will be the inspector...
Live with mother/father/parents: Parents of cause
Siblings(including you): 1+1=???
Eldest: ME
Youngest: Leong Kit Man (sista)
Love/hate your family: L-O-V-E


You found your another half: err...hopefully can find one...but...==
If yes, who is he/she: err...still no idea about that
If no, who you want he/she to be: well the one who love me care me then enough loh..
Did anything wrong to your other half: err...ask god lah...
What was/were the wrong(s) you had done: ask god lah..
Ever argued with your other half: errr.... no interest to argue with her..
You have been with your other half since: i think i need to consider how many that i can live loh...
Are you straight/Lesbo: completely straight
Reasons you love your other half: ask god lah...
You and your other half are in which stage: haven't start yet...
Ever think of marrying him/her: err... see see loh...


Your first best friend: Hon Fui
Your first enemy: I got three...
The friend you love the most: almost all my brothers and sister...
Your most beautiful girl friend: i think all of them also pretty
Your most handsome guy friend: all the boys friends
The kind of girl/woman you hate the most: backstabbers
The kind of boy/man you hate the most: bad attitude , smoking, drinking, and pondan!!!
Have you ever fallen in love with your close friend before: huh???!!!!
Your best friend is your ex-lover: huh???!!!!
If your friend backstabs you: that is his or her mouth, i can't control what she or he try to said...
If your friend betrays you: depends...
If your friend woos your lover: depend also
If your friend falls in love with you: impossible
If you fall in love with your best friend: Impossible loh...he is a guy...haha...


Are you a good student: i am a samseng student...haha..
Have you always done your homeworks/assignments: depends...
The teacher/tutor you love the most: At lot... u can view my previous post...
Always late to school/college: i dun like to be late!!!
Your class: helpful , friendly , playful , talkative
You love your seniors: ya gua...
Senior whom you love the most: err...many...
Your classmates good/bad: err... 50% good 50% bad!!!haha...
Excellent results classmate: My best friend!!
Laziest classmate: Me!!!!


Smart people: all my friends
Stupid people: no one is stupid in this world
Good looking people: kind and big hearted people
Ugly people: those who jealous & copycat the others
Funny people: people who like joker!!!
Cute people: somebody like panda!!!
Bad people: bad people sure bad lah...
Honest people: people who are good lah..
Acting people: model ? actor / actress ...
You are what kind of people: ask god...
Lip or eyes: eyes
Hugs or kisses: preferring hugs.
Shorter or taller: taller
Hesitant or spontaneous: spontaneous
Nice stomach or nice arms: STRONG Arm!!!!
Listener or talker: both!!!
Romantic or rich: both of them also not suitable to me!!! romantic sure must rich and use a lot money!!!! so no money no romantic!!!
Good wife or Good mother: both... but better good wife...i want her to serve me more than the other...haha...


Age to get married:ask god...
Numbers of kid(s): 11!!! can form a football team!!!
Career: POLICE!!!!
Salary: i work because my interest...
Retirement age: dun wanna retired!!
Value of properties: i need to find an accountant to count for me...
Wishes:to be the next crime buster and the head police officer of Malaysia or join FBI or INTERPOOL!!!


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yen yen
others i really dunno who i suppose to tag


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